Toronto based Studio Tiny Loft creates contemporary edgy statement pieces which are far from the traditional concept of fine jewellery without losing the originality, drama and high-end appeal.

Our bold no-bling jewellery is our own way to stand out in the glittering crowd: it is not about somebody NOTICING you , it is about REMEMBERING you.

Our edgy models are inspired by the world of fashion and wild nature and they are flexible enough to be worn for any occasion.

   " Studio Tiny Loft Jewellery is an epitome of cutting edge jewellery that pushes the discipline beyond the sheen."

             Forward Fashion Magazine, ​Toronto


   "I try my hand in different styles, work with different materials. Limiting myself in just one style would have been difficult- I have so many ideas! 

  My contemporary jewellery can be minimalist or whimsical, bohemian or geometric, simple or complex. What all  my work has in common- confidence,modernity, originality and comfort for the wearer."